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CNC servo or stepper drive JKD5056S motor driver controller

Product Description

Digital Stepper Motor


1. Productsintroduce

1. General introduce

    JKD5056S is a new digital Stepper Motor Driver by JKONGMOTOR. It adopts the latest 32-bit DSP digital processing technology. The drive control algorithm adopts advanced variable current technology and advanced frequency conversion technology. The Driver has small heating, small motor vibration and stable operation. Users can set any subdivision within 200 ~ 51200 and any current value in the rated current to meet the application needs in most occasions. Thanks to the built-in micro-subdivision technology, the subdivision effect can be achieved even under the condition of low subdivision. The operation is smooth and the noise is ultra-small under low, medium and high speed. The driver integrates the parameter auto-adjust function, which can automatically generate optimal operating parameters for different motors to maximize the performance of the motor.


1.New 32-bit DSP technology          2.Can drive phase stepping motors of 4,6,8 lines

3.Ultra -low vibration noise              4.Optical isolation differential signal input           5.Build-in high subdivision  

6.The pulse response frequency can reach to 500KHz(Factory default 200KHz)

7.Automatic parameter adjustment function when power on 

8.The current setting is convenient and can choose between 0.1 to 5.0A

9.Variable current control reduces the heating of the motor 

10.Subdivision setting range is between 200 to 51200

11.The current automatically halve at rest

12.Has the protection function of overpressure,underpressure and overcurrent

3. Application

Suitable for all kinds of small and medium sized automation equipment and instruments, such as: engraving machine, marking machine, cutting machine, laser lighting, plotter, cnc machine, automatic assembly equipment, etc. It use very well in the equipment that user expects small noise, and high peed.

2. Electrical, mechanical and environmental indicators

1. Electrical indicators

Instruction JKD5056S
Minimum Typical Maximum Unit
The output current 0.1 - 5.0 A
Input voltage 24 36 50 VDC
Control signal input current 6 10 16 mA
Control signal interface level 4.5 5 28 Vdc
Input signal minimum pulse width 1.5 - - us
Stepper pulse frequency 0 - 200 KHz
Insulation resistance 100    


2. Using environment and parameters

Cooling method

Natural cooling or forced air cooling

Using environment


Can not be placed next to other heating equipment, should avoid dust, oil mist, corrosive gas, too big humidity and strong vibration place, prohibit to have combustible gas and conductive dust



-5~ +50



40 ~ 90%RH




Storage temperature


Using altitude

Below 1000 metres


About  280 g

3.Mechanical installation diagram

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